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A headshot of RatchetClank123, with cropped hair.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race ROBLOXian
Faction ROBLOXian Brotherhood
Rank Commander
Status Active
Location Storkton, ROBLOXia
RatchetClank123, also nicknamed Ratchet, is the main character and protagonist of the series. He expresses a love for seeing his enemies die by his hand. He controls the 75th Regiment of the ROBLOXian Brotherhood , which is the controlling squad of the Brotherhood.


RatchetClank123 wears a black Special Ops vest over a greenish-whitish, digital-camoed shirt. He also dons black gloves occasionally, and black pants and shoes. Part of his hair 'sticks out up in the air'. His vest is sometimes shown to have a white 'R' on the back, which is the initial of his nickname.


As he is the leader of the Brotherhood, he has many responsibilities, not the least of which are caring for his child and wife. His other responsibilities include supplying the Brotherhood with constant ammunition, equipment, and weapons.


As Sadiethekisser and Johathan are his wife and child, respectively, RatchetClank123 has many relatives, however most have unknown names. RatchetClank123 has a family tree given to him somewhen between books 5 and 6 by Sadiethekisser's grandmother. This family tree suggests that Ratchet and Sadie are distant members of the same family, so it is a miracle that Johathan was not born with a birth defect. Tommy5, the leader of the RMCD , the Brotherhood's rival, is also one of Sadie's family members.

Rivalry with RMCDEdit

As Ratchet has a rivalry with Tommy5, a distant relative, the Brotherhood has a rivalry with the RMCD, an army led by Tommy5. This rivalry has slowly started ascending into a friendship, as they share a common enemy.


  • RatchetClank123 is the ROBLOX username of the creator of the series. This account and all others owned by the creator have been deleted from the site.