Jo tells his parents about Nomèkop.

Nomèkop is a video game series, trading card game, and TV show from RO-Japan. Nomèkop started out as a video game, Nomèkop Red, then evolved into a trading card game and TV show. Nomèkop seems to be a favorite of Jo, both a video game favorite and a TV favorite. When Nomèkop is first mentioned by Jo to Ratchet and Sadie, they have no idea "what the hell he's talking about", but Jo teaches them when they agree to take his so-called class after they defeat Fät Corp.

TV ShowEdit

The Nomèkop TV show, split apart into 5 different portions, is revealed to be Jo's favorite TV show at the end of book 5. Jo tells his parents that the five portions of Nomèkop are Otnak, Othoj, Nneoh, Honnis, and Avonu, respectively. It is also revealed that each portion has a different theme song.


  • Nomèkop is a pun on Pokèmon, an actual TV show, trading card game, and video game series from Japan.
  • Nomèkop is Pokèmon backwards.
  • The 5 regions of the TV show are the names of the regions of the actual Pokèmon show backwards. (Otnak = Kanto, Othoj = Johto, Nneoh = Hoenn, Honnis = Sinnoh, and Avonu = Unova.)